Looking to Overcome Inventory Challenges? We Can Help.

Easily secure the inventory you need, engage customers for pre-orders, and increase traffic in your service drive.

Using the power of data, Mastermind identifies customers from your loyalty portfolio, service drive and market conquest audience who are most likely to sell you their current vehicle, helping your dealership adapt to current challenges and maintain long-term profitability.

Acquire Inventory from Untapped Sources in Your Market:

Strategically fill your lot with the vehicles you want by targeting the right customers with our Predictive Marketing Campaigns to reach them with tailored messages and compelling buy-back offers.

Engage with Your Loyalty Customers Who Want to Pre-order Their Next Car:

Help your most loyal customers pre-order their next car! Pave the path for your customers to stay with your store and make sure they’re first in line to get their next dream car from you.

Drive More Traffic to Your Service Drive:

Don’t want your customer outreach to focus on selling cars, buying cars, or pre-ordering? Now you can reach your customers with service messaging, keeping your store and its services top-of-mind for when they’re ready to make their next purchase decision.

Dealers Are Acquiring More Inventory with Mastermind

Don’t take our word for it. Hear directly from our dealer partners on how Mastermind’s unmatched data and technology enables them to acquire more pre-owned Inventory.

How do you get a used car? The best option is in your service drive. With Mastermind, we source used cars and can control the acquisition costs. It’s made our used car department better.
– Lexus San Diego

Mastermind has always been our #1 platform for selling cars, but in these challenging times of little to no inventory on my lot, they've quickly become my go-to tool for also buying cars.
– Gullo Toyota

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