Effectively Work the Drive to Fuel Sales and Future Loyalty

Are you taking advantage of all the sales opportunities in your service drive?
To maximize its potential, you need to implement an automated, data-driven and proactive approach.

The Value in Working the Drive


So.... are you leaving showroom opportunities in the bay?

How Mastermind Can Help

  • Instantly identifies vehicles entering the drive and runs soft credit pulls
  • Prioritizes and ranks service customers based on likelihood to purchase
  • Arms your sales reps with customer insights and a personalized sales offer
  • Automates marketing campaigns to nurture service customers into buyers

How it Works

Maximize Your Dealership's Service-to-Sales Profitability with Mastermind

Nothing compares to Mastermind. The success we’ve seen in conquesting both service-not-sold customers and customers from competitive brands has exceeded any of our expectations.
– Riverhead Toyota

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