Crack the Code on Pre-Owned Inventory Acquisition

Data-Driven Strategies to Monetize Your Customer Portfolio

Thursday, May 20th  •  2-4pm EST

Get the Tools You Need to Build, Maintain and Sustain a Healthy and Profitable Inventory

With countless external factors impacting production and OEM deliveries, dealers need to focus on controlling the elements they can control to adapt to inventory challenges. By adopting a data-driven strategy for pre-owned acquisitions and portfolio management, dealerships can build, maintain and sustain a healthy and profitable inventory – regardless of which new obstacles lie ahead.

In this virtual workshop, attendees will learn how to leverage time-tested inventory management best practices – fueled by customer and industry data – to crack the code on pre-owned inventory acquisition and monetize your customer portfolio.


2:00 - 3:00pm EST

Join Mastermind’s subject matter experts and learn how to:

  • Identify and engage drivers of in-demand vehicles to build your pre-owned inventory as well as pre-owned buyers to quickly turn vehicles in your existing inventory
  • Determine which factors to consider when building your acquisition strategy and analyzing your inventory turnover rate
  • Maximize your pre-owned profitability by leveraging data to determine which vehicles to retail and which to send to auction
  • Leverage data to inform strategic interactions tailored to each customer’s unique buyer journey
Dealer Panel Discussion
3:00 - 4:00pm EST

Join Mastermind’s dealer partners in a live panel discussion to:

  • Hear their firsthand experience on how their teams have been successful in building, maintaining and sustaining a healthy and profitable pre-owned inventory
  • Have your questions answered live from your automotive peers

Nearly 1 million fewer light vehicles are anticipated to be produced

According to IHS Markit in February, nearly 1 million fewer light vehicles are anticipated to be produced in the first quarter of 2021 due to supply interruptions, with early forecasts citing an impact on the supply chain into Q3.

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Carla Wade
Senior Director, Sales Development

Pete Margaros
Associate Director, Customer Service

Ian Grace
Director, Partner Performance


Joel Minichiello
Sales Manager
Riverhead Toyota

Brian Danahy
General Manager
Ed Morse Cadillac

Gary Willenborg
General Manager
Capistrano VW & Mazda

Andrew Rains
Chief Commercial Officer

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